Every single year I (and probably most of you) make resolutions/decisions to be healthier/lose weight/get fit. Some succeed (congrats and respect) and some fail (like me). This year I decided to keep it simple: I decided on 5 easy and “small” things to do to try and be healthier.

  1. WALK MORE. Don’t tell yourself you’ll exercise for 12 hours, 11 days a week and be disappointed when you can’t keep up. I bought a fitbit tracker and set my daily step goal.
  2. DRINK WATER. I enjoy drinking water and I don’t drink coffee or tea throughout the day so this is not such a difficult ‘resolution’ for me. However, I will keep track of my water intake to ensure that I drink at least 2Lt each and every day.
  3. GET SOME FRESH AIR. I work in an office 5 days a week so it’s easy to ‘forget’ to take in some fresh air. I will take at least 10 minutes every day just to breathe in some fresh air and feel the sun on my (SPF protected) face.
  4. DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST. I am guilty of breaking this very important diet rule. I skip breakfast almost every day and by 12:00 I am so hungry and grumpy and my blood sugar levels are ridiculously low. This year I am making an effort to stop and have some breakfast every morning.
  5. SLEEP. I am such a bad ‘sleeper’. I go to bed in the early hours of the morning and then I wake up tired every day. I struggle to fall asleep but I decided to go to bed before 23:00 and even if I struggle to fall asleep I will just relax in the dark and think happy thoughts until I fall asleep.

Please share any more tips and little changes we can make to be healthier in 2018. Xxx

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