Hi, it’s me again. I know!!! I haven’t blogged anything for months now so I thought I would come here to give you a quick update and I “promise” I will do my best to actually blog again and share shopping guides, beauty product reviews, etc.

To start this catch-up session I will share my New Years Resolution Facebook & Instagram post for 2019:

I am done with New Years Resolutions. I have decided to live EVERYDAY to the fullest and to focus on being the best person I can be on that day. I am not going to waste my time on regrets, old grudges or other people’s opinions. If I have a bad day I will draw the line and start fresh the next day, not dwelling on the past. I am done with diets and beating myself up because I don’t look like the picture I have in my mind of ‘perfection’. I will exercise and live healthy because I want to live a life of possibilities.I want to learn how to love myself enough to treat ‘me’ with respect and to take care of me.I want to be happy, travel, paint, read, listen to music, love, explore and live in the moment. I want to make memories with the people I love and give them the best of me. I choose to believe in people but I will no longer allow people to control my happiness and self-worth. I want to forgive others, and myself. Judging other people and their choices will no longer be a part of me. Resting, sleeping well & making memories will be on top of my list. Working hard and tackling new projects will also be on my list. I will try to learn new things. Most off all, I want to focus on my blessings every day. I want to thank God every day for everything when I deserve nothing. I want to seek God in the stillness but also in the chaos, focusing on Him instead of allowing fear and anxiousness to take control of me. I will trust God with my future and thank God for my past.

 Today is 27 March (whattt?!?? Time flies!!!) and 2019 has already been a wild ride! My sister, our three cats and I moved out of our rental townhouse and into our parent’s guest room for, what we initially thought, a couple of weeks. We went to Canada for three weeks in February and planned to move into the new house when we return but WE ARE STILL LIVING IN A GUEST ROOM WITH A CLOSET THE SIZE OF MY HANDBAG! (First world problems, I know). Anyway, we are embracing the moment and praying and hoping and wishing that everything with the new house gets sorted out soon so that we can start with the (minor) renovations. All of our furniture and most of our clothes are packed away and our brand new couches are collecting dust in my office while we wait……..and wait………..and wait.
Regarding my health journey: I have been on a weight loss quest most of my life and have tried EVERY DIET in the book! This is where my 2019 no-resolution resolution originates from. I am tired of dieting. I am DONE!!! My sister and I joined a local gym and started exercising at the beginning of March. It’s been 3 weeks and I am proud to say that we are still going strong. (I know three weeks sounds like nothing for people that’s been living healthy and exercising for years now but I am choosing to celebrate small milestones 🙂
Another AMAZING thing that happened in 2019 already: Our 3 week trip to Canada in February to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We went all the way up to Yellowknife and saw the Northern lights TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! One of the best experiences I have ever had!!
Thanks for reading and keep an eye on my facebook & Instagram pages, I will be posting again soon.
Have a blessed week, Xxx

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