As I’ve mentioned before my sister and I moved into a new place recently so we’ve been in decorating-mode for the past couple of months. The house is a rental so we can’t hang a lot of art on the walls but we did hang all our paintings and art pieces. However, there was a huge empty wall behind our sofa in the living room where I decided to hang “something”. I decided on something that is a little more contemporary but also timeless. In this post I will show you the steps I took to complete this art piece.



3 x picture frames (I bought mine at Mr Price Home) but you can also use old one lying around the house

acrylic paint in your preferred colors (I chose shades of blue with a hint of grey)

3 drawings/illustrations/pictures (whatever you decided on for the 3 frames)

+/- 1,5 m chain from your local hardware store (you can ask them to cut the chain in 3 pieces of the same length)



Decide what the concept of the whole piece will be, know your strengths and abilities. Don’t try to replicate Leonardo Da Vinci, just do what you can and work smart. If you are not a skilled sketcher, rather buy a stencil for your little drawings in the frames. Or use transfer/carbon paper to trace your design/sketch. Lay out plastic bags on the floor to prevent spillage (trust me: this is a messy process!!!) Get all your supplies ready and wear your oldest t-shirt. đŸ˜‰


Lay out the canvas on the plastic bag. Use a cup with a spout for easy pouring. Pour your paint in the chosen colors in different levels in the cup without mixing (the paint should be runny enough to pour but not too runny so that the colors mix. You can dilute the paint with water to create the correct consistency). Pour the paint onto your canvas and repeat until most of the canvas is covered in paint. Lift the canvas in the 4 different directions to create the liquid/runny effect. You can control the patterns by rotating the canvas and altering the directions in which the paint streaks go.


Wait for the paint to dry completely. wait. wait… wait some more…wait!!! When the paint has dried completely you can measure where you want the frames to hang and  attach the screws at the top edge of the canvas for the chains to hook onto.


Cut the chain in 3. Add your picture/illustration/painting/drawing to the frames and hook them onto the 3 chains. (TIP: You can even glue a 3-dimensional object onto the glass of the frames if you don’t want to include paintings/drawings or illustrations OR add your favorite pictures that you took the last time you were on a beach holiday). I did three little watercolor paintings.



Hang the art piece in the desired place on the wall and enjoy!!! Xxx

PS: Don’t think that you can’t create your own art pieces for your home. Just use your strengths and talents to create a custom and unique piece that you can enjoy and be proud of every single day, Xxx


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