As you probably know by now, I turned 30 recently. I didn’t plan to have a party or any gathering but the week of my birthday I decided to have a little get-together with a handful of friends and just have fun and relax and mingle. Here are a couple of ideas I decided on with regards to food, entertainment and decor:


I am obsessed with white on white decor but I did not have time to create an all-white party so I opted for white flowers instead. I went to my local florist and selected a bunch of white flowers that we arranged in different glass vases & drinking glasses on the table. I used white underplates and off-white plates on top of that. (I also bought gold number 30 balloons because I couldn’t find white balloons;-)


Upon arriving everybody received a glass with a name tag that they could use to fill up when they wanted to as we had three huge glass jugs with punch and lemon & mint water. We also had a board with snacks to enjoy throughout the day, a mix of healthy fruit and yummy cookies and chips and nuts.

For lunch we had a little build-your-own-burger section with a variety of burger toppings and sauces. It is so easy and fun and this way everybody can choose what they want and leave the items they don’t enjoy.


I baked and decorated my own birthday cake and I really like how it came out:



We decided to have a little “lame-games tournament” and even had a plastic “Gold” trophy for the champion. We played the following games:

Egg-race, jenga, beanbag throw, ten pinĀ  bowling & cookie-face. (I didn’t included a lot of photos here because I don’t want to embarrass my friends or myself!!)

We acted like kids and had lots of fun and delicious food. (I think we will have a “lame-games” rematch next year)!! Xxx


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