This year is just flying by, it’s already Easter Weekend!!! I was not prepared for this so I had to quickly look around to see what we have for table decor!!! It is always fun to plan a table and to go to the shops and have a ball selecting things but sometimes you just have to use what’s available and make do with the things you can find around the house or in the garden.

Decor Ideas that’s probably lying around the house:

  • Fresh flowers or leaves. Stroll through your garden and pick flowers and leaves and little sticks and use them to fill up glasses/vases/any pretty vessel you can find. Fresh greenery and flowers are an easy and stunning way to decorate a table.
  • Collect all the candles in your house and arrange them on your table. Don’t worry if they are different colours, make it a bright and colourful Easter table.
  • Raid your kitchen for eggs and paint them and use a marker to write your guest’s names on them to use as place settings. (Just empty and rinse the eggs before to avoid a mess)
  • Spray paint an old Christmas wreath and glue painted chicken eggs on it to create a stunning Easter wreath for you front door to welcome your guests.

Have a blessed & happy Easter Weekend. Xxx

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