I love collecting and experimenting with different fragrances and I am very proud of my tiny collection (it even includes a bottle of men’s perfume that smells delicious and that I wear sometimes). In this post I’ll share my top three favorite perfumes from my collection that I wear at the moment.

HUGO BOSS {Nuit Intense Femme}

This is a pretty intense perfume but I still love to wear it even in the daytime. I love scents with a strong floral element and this Hugo Boss scent is all about the fruity florals. This scent is such a rich and elegant scent and I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear it!

Get this stunning perfume here & here



I first fell in love with TommyGirl when I met my brother’s girlfriend (she’s my amazing sister-in-law now). She ALWAYS smells like roses and romance. They’ve been living overseas for almost a year and a half now but whenever I miss them too much I just take a whiff from the TommyGirl bottle and I instantly feel better. This scent is just divine and light, but still extremely memorable. You can smell it days after the person wearing left.

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ISSEY MIYAKE {Pleats Please}

My sister bought me this lovely scent but I think she’s even more obsessed with than I am. First of all: the bottle is spectacular and whoever came up with the name is a genius!! Like most of my favorite fragrances, it has a strong floral and “sweet”  scent with hints of peonies and apples. I am in love with everything about this scent and will hopefully be wearing it for years to come.

Get your own PLEATS PLEASE here


Please let me know a=of any more amazing fruity/floral perfumes that I can try out. “smell ya later” !! Xxx

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