It’s Paris Fashion Week and I have major #fashionweekFOMO but I am loving all the stunning streetstyles and runway shows. I am particularly crazy about this outfit that Aimee Song wore to the Dior show. The South-African winter is just around the corner and this look that Aimee wore is a stylish way to layer your items to create a stunning & elegant look without freezing your but off.


A striped button up shirt is a must-have in any closet and it is perfect for layering, just like Aimee did here. Shop similar shirts hereherehereherehereherehereherehere and here



To get that shaped and structured “DIOR” look you can wear a corset top/dress/bodysuit. Shop corsets and corset-like tops hereherehere and here

You can also recreate this look with a black bodysuit that you can shop for herehere and here



Add a skirt to your corset/top to create the illusion that your wearing a dress. You can find skirts hereherehereherehere and here



To create a seamless and fitted look it’s best to wear a dress. Find similar dresses hereherehere and here



Warm up your feet with a pair of comfy boots. You can find similar to Aimee’s boots herehereherehere and here



What is an outfit without a eye-catching handbag?? Find handbags similar to Aimee’s stunning black and white bag herehereherehereherehere and here



Hats are everywhere these days and you can find similar hats to the one Aimee is wearing herehere and here



Add a little sparkle with a necklace that dangles in front of your dress/top. Shop necklaces hereherehere and here



If you look closely then you’ll see that Aimee is also wearing a black choker. You can find similar hereherehereherehere and here



Happy shopping! Xxx (Follow Aimee on instagram here)

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