Bonang Matheba is one of the most beautiful and elegant women in South Africa (& the world). She has this grace and elegance that’s hard to find and I love her style. Shop the links down below the replicate this pretty outfit Bonang is wearing:

You can recreate this look with either a denim dress or combining a denim pencil skirt and denim button-up shirt.


You can find denim dresses herehere and here OR find denim pencil skirts hereherehere and here



Create a seamless and “flowing” look with a denim button-up shirt tucked into your denim skirt. Shop for shirts herehereherehere and here


Bonang is wearing a stunning Moschino belt & you can find similar Moschino belts here or you can buy other similar black belts hereherehere and here


Shoes can make or break an outfit and I love Bonang’s classic black pointed heels. Find similar hereherehere and if you prefer it you can get pointy black wedge heels here


Keep out the sun and look amazing at the same time with sunglasses you can buy herehereherehere and here


The best way to compliment a stunning outfit is to add simple, but striking, jewelry. Shop the following links for earrings similar to Bonang’s herehere and here


Add a trendy element with a black choker that you will find hereherehereherehere and here and the cutest choker here

Happy shopping. Xxx


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