I love using serums as they feel so amazing on the skin and they usually have the fun little glass bottles with the droppers 😉 I started using this serum a couple of months ago ‘by accident’ when I saw it in a Sorbet store and decided to try it out. I use this serum after cleansing & exfoliating BEFORE I use moisturizer and I simply love the feeling of the serum on my skin. I use a tiny little bit of the product at a time and it is enough to cover my face and neck. I apply the serum in an upwards direction (to try and reverse the effect of gravity on my skin).

I have seen an improvement in the moisture levels of my skin since using this serum and I will definitely keep using it to keep fighting father time. You can purchase the serum at any sorbet stores as well as Clicks for about R 160 for a 50ml bottle. ( here & here) .

Please comment with your favorite skin care products, I love trying out new products. Xxx

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