We lived in the Lowveld for a year or two when I was about 4 or 5 years old so The Kruger National Park is a place I am “used” to and grew up with. However, I haven’t been there in a couples years and that is when I realized what a truly remarkable place it is and how much I’ve missed it.

(We made a little pit-stop at Milly’s for lunch)

In August this year we went to Mjejane Game reserve, a place directly connected to the Kruger National Park.

We stayed in a beautiful and modern river facing lodge that we rented here. The views are spectacular and there is a little pool on the deck of each house where you can relax in while looking at the river down below. The 3 bedroom we rented had all the amenities we needed and the staff and crew at Mjejane are extremely helpful and welcoming.

We went for a game drive in Mjejane and saw loads of beautiful and majestic animals and a bonus was our intelligent  game ranger whose love for nature and wildlife shines through.


We also spent a day in the Kruger and enjoyed tea at Skukuza where we sat on the deck and marvelled at the buffalo roaming in the river below.

On our way back to Gauteng we stayed over at the Chill Pepper Boutique Hotel in Nelspruit and was surprised by the elegance and style of this hotel.

We also spent a morning at The Jane Goodall Institute (Chimp Eden) where they do amazing work for the Chimpanzees. I was moved by the love these people have for the animals and shocked by the horrific circumstances the chimps was rescued from. Please have a look at their website to read more about the work they do.{ http://www.janegoodall.org/ }


Keep on scrolling down to see more photos of the animals we saw in the Kruger as well as the game drive in Mjejane. You will also see photos of the Chimps at The Jane Goodall Institute. Xxx

The Jane Goodall Institute (Chimp Eden):



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